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about the artist

Upon moving to the Bay Area in 1974, I was immediately impressed with the beautiful landscapes California had to offer. Much of my inspiration comes from hikes around the Tri-Valley, and trips to the Sierra Nevada Mountains and surrounding areas. 


I like to capture moments in time; like sunrays peaking through the trees, cool shadows dappling a path through the woods or the morning mist rising from a stream. These scenes evoke feelings of magic and mystery that I want to paint so others can feel the specialness of the place. 


I attended the Academy of Art in San Francisco and Chabot College (Los Positas College) pursing a major in illustration and a minor in fine art. In addition, I had the opportunity to learn from instructor David Hardy of the Atelier School of Classical Realism in Berkeley, CA. I then had the privilege of furthering my education with Carlo D’Alessio who is a master observationalist whose art is showcased around the world. I gather much of my inspiration from the romantic style of the Hudson River School artists. Berstadt, Church and Cole along with many others are favorites of mine.


I now live in Pleasanton with my husband David and two of our three children. I held the position of Senior Technical Illustrator at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory for twelve years. Since then I have thoroughly enjoyed home schooling our children through high school and now I am looking forward to furthering my painting career.


I enjoy entering local shows as well as state and county fairs where I have been honored to receive Best of Show and Best in Class awards. These honors mean so much to me and I am constantly encouraged to keep striving to better my skills and be the best that I can be. 


Thank you for your interest in my art and I hope you enjoy the paintings as much as I enjoyed painting them! 

The inspiration

When I was young, I remember playing in my mother’s art studio as she handprinted signs for our local businesses. 

I remember that she loved to paint on site, this meant a lot of trips to the zoo and the circus!

I would roam around with the animal while my mom would paint them for her book

“A Zoo For You”.


I would look up and see her in the scaffolding with her paint brush, creating strokes on the page to form the giant circus trucks I was so fascinated and admired her work so much,

and I knew from that moment...

I wanted to be an artist too.

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